Courier Service

Our courier service now services
Campbell River to Duncan, as well as Port Alberni daily Monday-Friday
and Campbell River to Nanaimo on Saturdays

Kyte Delivery Service  250-334-9210      1-800-566-9210    250-286-6155

You can now e-mail your order to order@kytedeliveryservice.com (e-mail will only be received between 9am-11pm, 11-11 on sundays and holidays)

Local Service

We deliver almost anything that fits in a car. No weight charges within reasonable weight. We have a goal to do your pick ups within 15 min and deliveries within a half hour. Our rates are low cause we use fuel efficient cars. We also offer high volume discounts to business clients. We can also do scheduled pickup and deliveries if needed. Our fleet of over 20 drivers only do deliveries. We don't pass off deliveries to other companies. This means the driver picking up your delivery is the driver delivering it. We have warmer bags and selected drivers carry debit machines, so your business doesn't need to have them.
(Must tell us when ordering if you need debit)

Basically you crave it, we deliver it. We go out of our way to serve our customers. This means we will go wherever you request at no extra charge,(within city limits, extra stops charge may apply). For commonly ordered items we automatically go where we believe it is cheapest for our customers. We also now offer debit at the door, for a small fee. For debit deliveries you must let dispatch know how you are paying, cause only selected drivers carry machines.Our drivers specialize in delivering service.

Courier Service
Our courier service now services the central island. We have same day/ next day service Campbell River to Duncan as well as Port Alberni. 1.5ft X 1.5ft limit for these runs please. We can accommodate some larger items but need to be prebooked. We believe our rates are the lowest in town for these runs. We generally do not pass our deliveries off to other companies.

Hot Shot Service
Our Hot Shot service is great for when it just has to go now. We deliver pretty much anywhere we can drive. Pick ups normally dispatched within 30 minutes.